2018 - Twin Stick Shooter Game Designer / Level Designer PC with controller Unreal Engine 4 The Challenges
How to deal with a unknown game's genre.
Jawbreakers is a Twin stick shooter based on bullet hell parts and a boss rush system. It was new for me to work on a bullet hell system and all the problematics and codes related to the genre. Therefore it was pleasant to work on something new. In Design, we collaborate closely to the artistic direction to be sure that we were going in the right direction. The design of the boss pattern was done in this way, each boss pattern has to challenge the player on his placement possibilities. We designed the playground to change , according to the boss rage. The purposes of that was to create a kind of pacing based on two stages. Each stages have three rounds with different boss patterns and a playground, creating difficult game balancing.
Made with : Théo Nottez Maxime Conquy Théo Caselli Benjamin Blanchard Matthieu Picard Augustin Potelle Victor Descamps Igor Mathiss Morgan Minardi
Work Highlights Designing all the boss patterns and his general behaviour Balancing the game in terms of difficulty and pacing Designing the different steps of the playground according to the difficulty curve expected Modelling a few props
Benoît Cassin ©BenoitCassin2018