Hero of The Rising Sun

2016 - Puzzle Die & Retry

Game & Level Designer



Team of 22 / 2 Weeks

The Challenges

How to work with a large team without experience.

Hero of the rising sun was a project made in partnership with gameloft. The team was composed of 22 people. Working in a team of this size in such a short amount of time was a real challenge. We were confronted with a major problem : the communication between the different departments. We suffered from a lack of clarity between the work of the different departments. This produced some problems like the visibility and timing of the animation. Nevertheless, This project allowed us to learn a lot in terms of level design and workflow. Indeed, we used a grid that increased the amount of the level design iterations done on paper. We also made animated mockups to confirm the game flow.

  • Participating in the creation of the game concept
  • Writing game design documents
  • Creating UI mockups
  • Designing levels according to the creative direction
  • Creating sound effects

Work Highlights

Benoît Cassin ©BenoitCassin2018