Project Evening

I participated on a project that was supposed to be a game where the intent was to offer a relaxing experience. It was a school project and we didn't have any artists collaborating with us.
As level designer, I decided to practice my 3D skills to be able to be operational in a 3D software,  3DSMax in this case. It was really helpful to learn the basics of 3D modelling.
I also learned how to create a UV and used gradient textures.

Project Japanese Small Shop


 Work In Progress

I decided to learn others 3D softwares that are used in the industry.
For Level Designer job offers, it's asked from many studios to be efficient on Maya.
I already knew how to use 3DSMax so it was pretty easy to learn Maya's interface and shortcuts.

Inspired by the work of Mateusz Urbanowicz in his series of Japanese Storefronts

Benoît Cassin