2017 - Atmospheric 3D Artist PC Unity The Challenges
How to learn 3D modeling from scratch.
The concept’s intent is to create a relaxing experience. The player controls a character who repairs a log cabin and makes it his. He can explore and interact with the environment. The game is built around 7 sessions of 5 minutes. The difficulty to build such an experience was the fact that everyone had a different conception about what makes a good relaxing experience according to their own perception. That is why we inquired with a gamelab to understand the main “levers” to use to create a relaxing experience that can be effective on anybody. We also had a big graphic challenge because we chose to make an atmospheric game without any game artist. I had to learn how to use a 3D editing software properly - in this instance 3ds Max - to make assets. With the help of my artist classmates, I was able to learn quickly how to model, unwrap and texture assets that fit our artistic intentions.
Made with : Clarisse Blondy Loïc Anquez Loïc Tolinos Bastien Lepesant
Participating in the creation of the art direction Modeling all the 3D assets of the interior scene of the log cabin Unwrapping all these assets and applying gradient textures Monitoring the player’s experience through event management and positioning Creating FX with Shuriken Different lighting in the interior based on two different states Work Highlights
Benoît Cassin ©BenoitCassin2018