Quest Design
Cyberpunk 2077


The Challenges

How to create a quest defined as unique

There are different types of process concerning Quest Design, I decided to work on a quest for Cyberpunk. I wanted to focus on the type of quests that CD Projekt Red offer in their games. The kind of quest that has for its main objective to be unique and bring depth to the narrative.
The objective was to put myself as a Quest Designer working on a AAA game, having dependencies with other parts of the production such as Level Designers and Writers.

I wanted to create a document to explain the quest that will help visualize the intent and the way we can prototype it easily into the engine, but also help other members of the team to work with it properly.

My focus was on creating a quest that offers the player a choice. I think that Cyberpunk loses this aspect in a couple of quests. This is why, I was mostly inspired by The Witcher 3 quests as "La cage au fou". For this type of quest, the notion of choice is an important part of the creation process. I was also inspired by the Cyberpunk quest series about the prisoner that focuses on a feeling and an ambiance to create something memorable.

My main desire was to create a quest that contrasts a bit with the main mood of the game. A quest that can reveal a touching part of V's personality. I wanted the player to be emotionally involved with Jessie's character, without expecting a romance, more like big brother - little sister relationship.

I also wanted to explore some themes that I consider under-exploited. Subjects like the no-implant community and the old fashioned memories.


  • Studying Cyberpunk quests
  • Inquiring CD Project Red's Quest Design method
  • Designing a new Cyberpunk quest
  • Creating behaviour tree for prototyping purposes

Work Highlights

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The quest

Made in 1 week

PowerPoint / Yed / Photoshop

Benoît Cassin