2017- Mood Experiment

Game & Level Designer, Programmer


Unreal Engine 4

The Challenges

how to transcribe an uncontrolled feeling.

It was an exercise based on making a mood-video of an emotion and finally creating a level inspired by this video.

I chose the feeling of coyness. I wanted to reproduce the feeling of looking at someone in the street and becoming shy. In this fleeting instant you want to meet this person but before you have time to do something, this moment already belongs to the past.

You know you’ll never see this person again.

This creative intention was a real challenge. This kind of feeling is hard to perfectly rationalize. I especially worked on the staging aspect and on the composition. The layout of this level had to recreate this sensation for the player, just by using a walking/Interaction gameplay.

  • Designing a level based on the feeling of coyness
  • Elaborating the entire layout of the level, based on short narration
  • Building the level on UE4
  • Level scripting with blueprint

Work Highlights

Benoît Cassin