Cloud Era

2016 - FPS Puzzle

Game & Level Designer, Programmer


Unreal Engine

The Challenges

How to understand well the constraints and strengths of puzzle games.

Cloud Era was a very ambitious project made for the Hits Playtime. Starting with a simple idea of creating a FPS puzzle game with the management of clouds and effects, we created a game with a few mechanics that did not fit entirely the puzzle game genre. That was our main mistake, we didn't have enough perspective and rational processes to understand that the mechanics weren’t suited for a puzzle game.

This is why we struggled in the development of the game mostly with the level design.

Concerning the level design with this kind of mechanics, it was difficult to create strong puzzles without backtracking too often. It was with this experience that I learnt a lot about rational level design. Without much experience, I tried to create a difficulty curve completely by instinct.

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  • Participating on the iteration of the concept
  • Designing the game mechanics
  • Making research about the puzzle game concern
  • Creating puzzle levels adapted to the gameplay mechanics
  • Building the city and placing environnement assets
  • Using UE4 blueprints to prototype and integrate the main mechanics and interactions

Work Highlights

Benoît Cassin