Assassin's Creed VR Project

Platformer Adventure

Level Designer at Ubisoft Mumbai

Oculus Quest 2


The Challenges

How to manage the ownership position

For  now, I can't say much about the project.

It was the first time I collaborated with 4 different studios all around the globe. I mainly worked with Ubisoft Mumbai as an employee but I worked remotely from France.

The production was split in different parts, Mumbai had the ownership on a specific part of the game. This part included different types of experiences, I was the owner of one of these experiences.

According to these, we had dependencies with the other studios.

I was fortunate on my end to not have as many dependencies. I was completely free to create whatever I wanted, according to the main rules that we designed for the experience and the constraint of the project. I was able to prototype different ideas with the visual scripting tools created for this project.

I was able to design and implement 5 different levels and my ownership forced me to create these levels from scratch to shippable quality.

I had the chance to focus on many level design notions and adapted my processes for VR.

As it is currently in production, I can't go into more details about the contents of my work.

  • Remote collaborating with  Mumbai and the other studios : Reflections, Blue Byte and Redstorm
  • Owner of a specific game mode
  • Designing levels for this mode and implementing them entirely into the Engine
  • Helping to design the macro-structure of the system owned by Mumbai
  • Helping on mission design to reach deadlines

Work Highlights



Benoît Cassin